Operational Programme Competitiveness and cohesion

Operational programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020 is the main programme document for implementing EU’s Cohesion policy and contributing to the Investment for growth and jobs goal, by supporting investments in infrastructural projects (in the areas of transport, energy, environmental protection, ICT), as well as supporting the development of entrepreneurship and research activities.

Within the Operational programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020, the Republic of Croatia has at its disposal EUR 6.964 billion, of which EUR 4.700 billion from the European Regional Development Fund, EUR 2.131 billion form the Cohesion Fund and EUR 132.557 million allocated to the Republic of Croatia from the European Regional Development Fund under the REACT-EU initiative.

Together with national co-financing of EUR 1.192 billion, the total allocation of the OP is EUR 8.156  billion.

OP Competitiveness and cohesion 2014-2020

Distribution of funds by priority axes:

Priority axisESI  Fund allocation (EUR)
Strengthening the Economy through Application of Research and Innovation 689.353.884
Use of Information and Communication Technologies226.367.742
Business competitiveness 1.293.791.680
Promoting Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources 530.059.584
 Climate Change and Risk Management209.131.628
Environmental Protection and Sustainability of Resources 1.566.578.221
Connectivity and Mobility 1.280.375.841
Social inclusion and health 396.769.249
Education, skills and lifelong learning304.914.791
Technical Assistance 236.112.612
Earthquake damage remediation97.800.000
Strengthening crisis recovery in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing for a green, digital and resilient economic recovery132.557.340
– these sums represent 85% of the total amount for each axis
– the remaining 15% is financed by the Croatian state budget


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