Transnational cooperation

Strengthening of transnational and interregional cooperation contributes to the overall development of territorial cooperation, increase of the international competitiveness of Croatian regions, reduction of social and economic inequalities and development equalization of Croatian regions.

In the 2007-2013 financial period, the Republic of Croatia participated in two transnational programmes (South-East Europe and Mediterranean), while in the new 2014-2020 period Croatia has the opportunity to participate in four transnational cooperation programmes (Mediterranean Area, Danube Area, Adriatic Ionian and Central Europe), and the areas that will be included in these programmes will encompass the whole Croatian territory.

Before its accession to the EU, Croatia’s participation in transnational programmes was limited in the context of IPA allocations and impossibility to take over the lead roles in projects. In the current financial perspective, the Republic of Croatia participates in the programme in its full capacity and has all the rights and obligations as other member states.


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