Cross-border Cooperation

The objective of Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) is to address common challenges identified in border regions such as poor accessibility, in particular in relation to the connectivity of information and communication technologies and transport infrastructure, local declining industries, inadequate business environment, lack of networking between local and regional administrations, low levels of research and innovation and use of information and communication technologies, pollution, risk prevention, negative attitudes towards citizens of neighboring states. The aim should be to exploit unused growth potential in border areas (development of cross-border objects and research and innovation clustering, integration of cross-border labour markets, cooperation between educational institutions, including universities, or between health care institutions) while strengthening cooperation with the aim of overall harmonised EU development.

By strengthening of cross-border cooperation in border areas, the CBC contributes to the overall development of territorial cooperation, to the increase of international competitiveness of Croatian border regions, to the reduction of social and economic inequalities among Croatian regions and the equalization of their development.


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